El sacerdote redentorista Padre Santiago Mallen, radicado hace varios años en San Lorenzo y quien instituyó la adoración eucarística perpetua en este pueblo, falleció el pasado domingo, 24 de enero a la edad de 93 años. Sus feligreses le recordarán siempre y seguirán unidos a él en la comunión de los santos. ¡Que descanse en paz!


  1. The Ianacone Family fondly remembers Father James “Jim” Mallen and his brother priest Father Charles “Charlie” Mallen from many many years ago when Maj. Gerard “Gerry” Ianacone, USAF was stationed at Ramey Air Force Base back in 1954. He remained a very close friend of the family keeping in touch via post with my mom Lucy Irene Ianacone in Colorado Springs. I was blessed to have been able to have talked with him over the phone several times in recent years. The Ianacone Family send our deepest sympathy to his family and friends. We would LOVE to hear from them or anyone who should care to reach out to us!
    Rest in God’s Peace and Love Fr. Jim!
    Larry Peter Ianacone aka Lawrence Ian Fry-Bates.
    5425 Settlers Terrace, Colorado Springs, CO 80917

  2. As another member of the Ianacone Family, I wanted to also add what a wonderful, thoughtful and caring Priest and great friend Fr. Jim was to all of the Ianacone 17 children. He was over at our home in Ramey AFB and in San Juan so much, bringing joy and friendship to us all. He was and always will be our guardian angle, thank you God for sharing Uncle Jim as we called him, with us for so long.
    Mark, 5th oldest.


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